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South Granville


South Granville, now known as "South Granville Rise" has been one of Vancouver's premier shopping districts since the early 1920s. Along with its exclusive shops and wonderful restaurants, the area is also making a name for itself as the arts centre of Western Canada. With 26 galleries and counting as well as the rebirth of the seventy year old Stanley Theatre, this Vancouver neighbourhood has become a cultural hot spot. For tourists and locals alike, this "10 Blocks Beyond the Ordinary" invites you to spend the day wandering the galleries, sipping coffee in the trendy cafes, inhaling the perfume of roses at the exclusive florists, or trying on the latest fashions. Rumour has it this community has been featured as one of the top neighbourhoods to live in Canada.


South Granville and neighbouring Shaughnessy, once considered a remote wilderness, made a name for themselves as "Vancouver's elegant uptown" when it became THE place to build stately homes after the crowding of the West End circa 1900. Government insiders had bought up many of the lots before Mayor David Oppenheimer opened the new bridge in 1889. The Canadian Pacific Railway aimed to further encourage building in the area by giving away parcels of land to the Vancouver Tramway Company for the construction of the Fairview Beltine (a streetcar loop built from Downtown through Fairview, along Broadway).

As the downtown area filled up, Fairview/South Granville was chosen as the site for the new Vancouver General Hospital, the new Vancouver high school and the Model school, which were all completed in 1905. These new developments combined with electric lights, paving, and transportation made South Granville an increasingly desirable place to live. By 1914, 80% of the residents in neighbouring Shaugnessy were on the social register, and shopping on the streets of "South Granville".

Gallery Row

With twenty-six galleries and counting, this neighbourhood deserves its title of "Gallery Row". You can get lost for day in the cultural world of art and antiques, by perusing pieces from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century. To guide you through this journey, some of Canada's most prestigious and knowledgeable art and antique experts are on hand. Here are links to some of the more popular galleries. If you have a personal favourite which is not listed here, feel free to drop us a line at or and we will add it to our site.

Atelier Equinox 2421 Granville Street, Ph:604-732-3021

Bau Xi Gallery 3045 Granville Street, Ph: 604-733-7011

Catriona Jeffries Gallery 3149 Granville Street, Ph: 604-736-1554

Diane Farris Gallery 1590 West 7th Street, Ph: 604-737-2629

Harrison Galleries 2932 Granville Street, Ph: 604-732-5217

Heffel Gallery Limited 2247 Granville Street, Ph: 604-732-6505

Kostiuk Gallery 2928 Granville Street, Ph: 604-737-3969

Monte Clark 2339 Granville Street, Ph: 604-730-5000

Reynolds Gallery 2335 Granville Street, Ph: 604-731-9292

The News Hound Magazine Gallery 2997 Granville Street, Ph: 604-733-8868

Uno Langmann 2117 Granville Street, Ph: 604-736-8825


Bin 942 (Tapas) 1521 West Broadway, Ph: 604-734-9521

Caffé Barneys 2975 Granville Street, Ph: 604-731-6446

Cactus Club Café 1530 West Broadway, Ph: 604-733-0434

Earl's on Broadway 901 West Broadway, Ph: 604-734-5995

En's (Sushi) 2602 Granville Street, Ph: 604-730-0330

Ginger 62 (Lounge) 1219 Granville Street, Ph: 604-688-5494

Lumiere (Fine Dining) 2551 West Broadway, Ph: 604-789-8185

Memphis Blues Barbeque House 1465 West Broadway, Ph: 604-738-6806

Star Anise 1485 West 12th, Ph: 604-737-1485

T. (Tea House) 1568 West Broadway, Ph: 604-878-3000

Vij's Restaurant (Indian) 1480 West 11th, Ph: 604-736-6664

West Restaurant & Bar 2881 Granville, Ph: 604-738-8938

Bakeries, Cafés, & Chocolate Shops

Goldilocks Bake Shop 1606 West Broadway, Ph: 604-736-7744

Picnic (Hot Chocolate) 3010 Granville Street, Ph: 604-732-4405

Purdy's 2705 Granville Street, Ph: 604-732-7003

Seattle's Best Coffee 2706 Granville Street, Ph: 604-732-2706


If you're looking for a spot in Vancouver to pamper yourself, South Granville has "the places to go" for everything from a facial to a full colour and style.

Bianche's 2741 Granville Street @ 12th, Ph: 604-732-7265

Eveline Charles Spa & Salon 1485 West 11th Avenue, Ph: 604-678-9633

Salon Muse 2355 Spruce Street, Ph: 604-731-5591

Statik The Salon 2331 Granville Street, Ph: 604-681-1444

Suki's International 3157 Granville Street, Ph: 604-738-7713

Since the early twenties, South Granville has appealed to shoppers seeking exclusive wares. Today, this community features "fashionable boutiques, gourmet food and dining, live Theatre, imported shoes, and some of the best home lifestyle stores in Vancouver. On the practical side, there are the major banks, a currency exchange, a shoe repair, two walk in clinics, and a liquor store." ( South Granville also boasts some of the best bakeries, butchers, and sandwich shops. An article featured on states, " Shopping in this design conscious shopping district will quickly prove that in Vancouver, 'casual, comfortable, urban living' in not just a line from a home accessories catalogue - it's a religion."

Upscale Shopping

Atikinsons 1501 W. 6th Avenue, Ph: 604-736-3378

Boboli 2776 Granville St, Ph: 604-257-2300

Bacci's/Bacci's At Home 2788 Granville St, Ph: 604-732-7317

Caban 2912 Granville St, Ph: 604-742-1522

Diane's Lingerie 2950 Granville Street, Ph: 604-738-5121

Edward Chapman & Circa-Ici 2596 Granville St, Ph: 604-732-1958

Meinhardt's Fine Foods 3002 Granville Street, Ph: 604-732-4405

Plum Clothing 2799 Granville Street, Ph: 604-737-0246

Speiser's Fur Ltd. 3022 Granville Street, Ph: 604-731-2181

Designer Shopping

Christine Morton 2950 Granville Street, Ph: 604-734-9339

Jacqueline Conoir 3035 Granville Street, Ph: 604-732-4209

Martha Sturdy 3039 Granville Street, Ph: 604-737-7822

Tilley Endurables 2401 Granville Street, Ph: 1-800-665-4287

Zonda Nellis 2203 Granville Street, Ph: 604-736-5668

Essentials Shopping

Broadway Florists 792 West Broadway, Ph: 604-876-9237

Chapters 2505 Granville Street

Shoppers Drug Mart 2947 Granville Street, Ph: 604-738-3107
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