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Buying a home

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For most people, buying a home is the most important investment and there are many details to remember when purchase a new home. As your buyers representative, one of our most important roles is to protect your best interest. Finding your next home can be a challenge and requires expertise in a many areas, including the newest marketing medium and the internet! We have the resources and communication systems available today to help you locate the homes on the market that match your specifications.

>>Find the home that's perfect for you!
>>Glossary of some of the most common real estate terms

>>Home buying step by step
>>Housing market outlook
>>Maintaining a home
>>Home maintenance schedule

Moving Checklist
-Transfer all bank accounts and have your bank recommend an affiliate
-Have vehicles tuned up, change insurance accordingly
-Arrange for a moving company
-Leave keys and necessary legal papers with your realtor
-Have your prescriptions refilled
-Must your will be re-written with inter-provincial moving?
-Change of address to: Driver's licence, medical services plan, post office, credit card accounts, friends, relatives, magazines, newspapers
-Notify insurance companies: Health, life, auto, home owners, coverage while en route
-Utilities, refunds, final bills: Hydro, telephone, cable, internet, gas, water rental.
-Obtain all records: Dentist, doctor, optometrist, specialists, school, birth, baptismal, legal documents
-Cancel deliveries: Newspapers, magazines, milk, water.
-Transfer memberships: Clubs, organizations, church, charities

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